Birth of Kauravas and their early life

Birth of Kauravas and their early life One of the most famous character of Mahabharata epic is Gandhari, mother of 100 sons (Kauravas) who hails from Gandhara kingdom (modern day northern parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan). She is the only daughter of King Subala, who too had 100 sons including Shakuni. Gandhari was one of the […]

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Birth of Pandavas and Pandu’s death

Birth of Pandavas and Pandu’s death Bhishma’s stepbrother Vichitravirya died at a very early age due to tuberculosis. Due to the untimely death of Vichitravirya, the throne of Hastinapur was left without an heir. Bhishma was unable to ascend the throne as he was bound with a vow and Bahlika (elder brother Santanu) was not […]

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Early life of Kunti

Early life of Kunti Shurasena was a Yadava ruler of Mathura (a city in Uttar Pradesh), (Yadava’s claim themselves as descended of Yadu (eldest son of king Yayati and Devayani), they were cowherds by profession). Shurasena married a Naga princess called Marisha who happened to be the granddaughter of Naga chief Aryaka, who belonged to […]

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