Dronacharya Drona also called as Dronacharya was the royal guru of Hastinapur who taught the art of warfare to Pandavas and the Kauravas. He was a skilled fighter and had many devastras(weapons) in his possession. Dronacharya is a son of Bharadwaj( an avatar of Brihaspati) and a student of Parshuram. Brihaspati is the teacher of […]

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Duryodhana Failed Attempt to Kill Bhima

Duryodhana Failed Attempt to Kill Bhima Pandavas and Kauravas received early training in administration and science from Kripacharya (Royal Guru) and Bhishma. The second son (Bhima) of King Pandu was the strongest of the rest. When Bhima was still a toddler, Kunti (his mother) accidentally dropped him. The child fell over a huge boulder, but […]

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Birth of Kauravas and their early life

Birth of Kauravas and their early life One of the most famous character of Mahabharata epic is Gandhari, mother of 100 sons (Kauravas) who hails from Gandhara kingdom (modern day northern parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan). She is the only daughter of King Subala, who too had 100 sons including Shakuni. Gandhari was one of the […]

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