Writing is a skill that has its focal point at one’s ability to bring to life in words what one is thinking or one’s experience. It’s a tricky proposition considering not every writer is a wordsmith nor am I any different to this precarious task but a challenging one.

Initially, I had a plan of only writing food blogs but I felt I wasn’t doing justice to my share of knowledge I have on different subjects. This is a small introduction as to why I started writing stories of Indian mythology so let me explain a small incident that took place several years ago. During those days I was working for a software firm and it so happened during afternoon break one of my colleagues was explaining some story to other colleagues ( to be more specific he was explaining Jaya Vijaya the gatekeepers of heaven ) and I happened to pass by when I overheard and turned to correct him. In the process of correcting, I ended up telling the story in great detail which gave me quite a reputation of a storyteller among the small group of people I knew.

A few months later, I left that company, and a lot of things in my life changed but one thing that never changed was my colleagues used to always remind me asking me to write stories. Initially, I used to ignore them saying who will read? On Constant persistence, I told them that I will write and mail it to but I will not post anywhere for which they agreed. When I started this blog, I had already written enough stories over email so I finally mustered enough confidence to put my writing skills to test and created a blog also to write stories on different subjects I know.

Pardon my inability to come across a very skilled writer but I do hope in due course of time will improve my ability to communicate effectively.

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