Marbles|Guliyos|Manglorean Kushwar

Guliyo or Mangalorean Kushwar is a Christmas sweet that Catholic people in Goa and Mangalore make during Christmas festival. Christmas is incomplete without these sweet marbles as they are traditional Mangalorean sweet. It has a very mild sweet taste and bit hard from outside which makes it crunchy.We can store this delicacy in an airtight container and it doesn’t get spoiled for 20 days.

Every dish has a small story with it. This dish(marbles) bring back to me some nostalgic childhood memories. Every year during Xmas time I used to wait for two things one was firecrackers other was Frieda aunty’s Christmas snacks. Freida aunty was my neighbour. She was expert in these Christmas snacks. Those days we use to not get these homemade snacks in the market. Marbles were always present in Freida aunty’s Xmas sweets.




White Rice – 3/4 cup,
Boiled rice – 3/4 cup,
coconut Milk – 3/4 cup,
Scraped Jaggery – 3/4 cup,
Cardamom 3,
Salt as per the taste,
Oil for frying.


Soak both white rice and boiled rice separately for 3 hours,

Then take soaked boiled and white in a blending jar,

To which add coconut milk, along with jaggery and cardamom,

Add salt as per requirement,

Grind it into a fine paste,

In a hot pan add the batter and keep stirring till it becomes a roti dough consistency,

Roll small guliyos and keep aside,

Heat oil and drop guliyos and fry till golden & crispy,

Drain marbles using tissue paper,

Allow Guliyos to cool, Then serve, else preserve in an airtight container.

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